Product Definition and Design for Dreamworks NOVA

DreamWorks NOVA was a software-as-a-service company that offered scalable, cloud-enabled photo-real 3D rendering, design, asset management, and versioning solutions for product design, merchandising, and go-to-market initiatives. Clients included Nike, Tommy Hilfiger and Burberry.

I started with research, talking to our clients about their overall design process and workflow and then mapping their information into organizational and task flows. My counterparts in Product Management determined the business needs and requirements.



In my role as Product Designer, I led the definition and discovery around what the NOVA product suite would be based on the research and the business needs. I created a Product Definition document that summarized the major features and differentiators of 6 products. Our envisioned products would support storage, collaboration and 3D rendering. We prioritized our products and created a road map.



I created and circulated a User Experience Strategy document that articulated the mission statement, audience, design strategy and metrics for how we could design and measure product success.

I also collaborated with Product Management and my UX counterpart on user stories and requirements for each software product. I created wireframes, checking in with my colleagues in Design, Product and Engineering on a weekly basis to ensure that I was capturing their vision.

I interviewed potential users who were experts in the fields of Art Direction, Photography, Fashion Design, Photo Styling, Color and Textile Design. I used these findings to craft product features, understanding how and when designers would use them.

Once we reached agreement on the wireframes, we performed usability testing with potential users, capturing functional and nomenclature issues that could be resolved before starting development.




In the meantime, I was actively involved in a separate process for NOVA branding, where we obtained guidelines for our overall brand that we were able to translate into User Interface Design requirements. Design and development co-created a Visual Design Style Guide to ensure a consistent look and feel across all of the products that represented the NOVA brand. We also made it a Pattern Library to house reusable components (menus, navigation, carousels) to use in each product, thereby making a consistent toolset in the UI so that users could easily move across products in our suite.

I applied the visual design to key screens throughout the products, and worked closely with developers to ensure that they fully understood how to achieve the look and feel. I also created extensive functional requirements documents detailing all of the interactions and features used in the product. These screens and requirements were actively used by our Quality Assurance team in their product validation.

As the product moved from conception and design to development and validation, I continued to consult on functional changes and provided art assets to the team. Once the product was launched to a core set of users, we captured more feedback and worked on troubleshooting any additional issues. The goal was to continue monitoring the performance of each product by tracking overall usage, counting completed projects, and collecting customer feedback.